Petén is the first seaside community on the Yucatán coastline, with more than 250 acres controlled by a single developer with a focused vision, evident in the design, quality, and consistency of 6 neighborhoods.
The community will be developed with luxury condominiums and exclusive single family homes. Surrounded by protected land and a flamingo reserve, the natural environment of Petén invites connection to nature and the soothing waves of the sea. Lush palm trees and foliage, combined with numerous lakes and the mesmerizing view of the Gulf of Mexico, make this community of absolute security inviting and refreshing.
Offering a town center, beach club, concierge services, and a gated community, the residential development of the Petén community is integrity at its best.



The Petén – island in Mayan – was a sacred place for the ancient Mayas as it was the birth and nursing place for many species, seabirds and fish, that later on migrated to the ocean to mature… so every petén actually is a spring of life, primeval and unique.

Our Péten is a community of possibilities, where renewing, rediscovering, rekindling, reminiscing, or restarting blend naturally.



Petén is located in the small fishing village of Sisal, Yucatán, Mexico.
Yucatan is the safest and most celebrated state in Mexico, known for its arts, culture, cuisine, and pristine beaches. The capital city is called Merida; less than an hour from Sisal.
Merida currently has 1 million citizens; founded in 1542, Merida is known as the “White City” due to its tranquility, cleanliness and holds nationwide recognition as the safest city in Mexico.
The city boasts excellent schools, universities, numerous world-class medical centers and a major International Airport serving direct flights to Houston, Dallas, Miami, Toronto, Milan, Mexico City and more than five destinations within Mexico.
With the medical, cosmopolitan and cultural capital city of Merida at an arm’s reach – yet a world away – the private seaside communities of Petén offer its owners the very best of both worlds.
Come and enjoy a quiet and safe seaside lifestyle without sacrifices.
Come and discover Sisal.