Your home at Petén is your place to recharge and relax, so why spend your time here worrying about the small things such as home maintenance or activity reservations. We know your time is precious and should be about you, not a task list. Petén has a dedicated concierge service, so you can come home to Sisal Mexico to feel the fresh ocean breeze on your skin and reconnect to what is most important. From pre-arrival grocery shopping to experience reservations, your concierge is here for your every need while you are home or away.

Access to your concierge is simple, with easy online forms to request reservations or services, so you can rest assured knowing your needs will be taken care of. 24/7, Petén is here for you.

Your concierge also assists with trust documents, HOA fees, payment of utilities, and property management. Our goal is to help you get back to the simplicity of life.

Live life to the fullest, and let our concierge team handle the details.

Some of our services:


  • Digital documentation related to the property
    Deeds, Registry of payments of services, Permits, Taxes paid
  • Payment of taxes and State and municipal services
    Property, Federal Zone, Trash recollection, Water, Electricity
  • Report of services required
    Maintenance, Trash, Security, Other
  • Owner’s account statement
    Detailed, HOA fees & Other expenses


  • Registry of property into rental pool
  • Availability of condos
  • Reservations
  • Check in / Check out


  • Maintenance
    Preventive & corrective
  • Transportation services
    Airport – Petén, Mérida – Sisal, Petén – Airport
  • Activities in Merida
    a. Restaurant and events reservations
  • Services in Merida
    a. Grocery Shopping and delivery
    b. Medical appointment
    c. Car Service, Medical, Legal or other appointments
  • Pre-arrival services
    a. Grocery shopping ready and in fridge
    b. Condo up and running
    6. Peten services
    a. Maid service
    b. Cook/Chef services for special occasions


  • Ensisal tours (Sisal activities) special price for Peten owners
  • Cooking lessons
  • History lessons
  • Art lessons
  • Handrcrafts


  • Storage of special articles
    Rental of products, Sporting equipment, Bikes-Kayaks, Golf Cart
  • TV and Video games consoles