Petén started with a vision for Sisal: the idea to share a piece of sacred Yucatán heritage with visionaries. The promise of developing a premier seaside living community which excedes quality and provides comfort and secure living, along with the opportunity to make an enduring and positive contribution to the longevity of Sisal. While having ultimate respect for culture and ecological surroundings, the team behind Petén aspire to create a one-of-a-kind sanctuary.

The developers are deeply rooted in the community and sustainable growth. Their priorities come from the heart, and their values reflect the region’s history. Three groups, one from Holland and two from Yucatán (each one having more than 50 years in their respective industries, thousands of employees, and business activity in more than 30 countries) chose to join forces for a common dream: returning Sisal to its once legendary prosperity, and to create an environment where people were given the possibility of reconnecting with themselves and their loved ones. Sisal is a place for opportunity, a place to put life in perspective and reflect on the things that really matter. Petén is a place to not only call home, but feel at home, all while preserving Sisal’s legacy and its long-term future.

1- Family: Petén has been established upon land that has been in the Cisneros family for many years. Formerly a local shrimp farm, Petén is now a place to reconnect. Keeping in line with their promise to protect and care for the land, and strenghten family values, the Cisneros family invites you in, to be a part of the Sisal family. Petén will provide strength and support for local families that have called this beach town home for centuries. Its the intense family values that live at the core of Cisneros family that created the dream of Petén.

2- Responsibility: The family behind Petén views the development as a piece of the community that will enhance and give back to Sisal and its rich history. Along with each member of the team behind the development and creation of this magical place, the Cisneros family believes in it has a responsibility to the people, to the land, and to the culture.

3- Respect: Loyalty. If there is one word to describe the development team and the promise Petén offers, it is loyalty. A trust that the land, the ocean, the beach, and all that make up Sisal, will always be treated with respect. There is a sense of pride, honor, and giving throughout the Yucatán, and the family and team exemplifies this very thought, welcoming with open arms, those who share the same respect.