Petén is a lifestyle. It is lying in the hammock catching some rays, it is splashing in the emerald green waters turning deep blue to the ocean beyond, it is walking hand in hand down the beach. Petén is the ocean breeze helping you breath a little deeper, it is the warm salty air touching every sense and renewing your spirit.It is a world away, and yet less than an hour to restaurants, nightlife, culture, and shopping. Petén is not cosmopolitan, it is quaint, charming, and meant for a few that want to connect to nature, to themselves, and to their loved ones.

Outdoor adventure is plentiful with kayaking, fishing, running, swimming, paddle boarding, and more to keep your lively spirit satisfied.

Relaxation is easy to come by with the stillness of time and smiles are easy as breathing.

Petén is where life and happiness embrace into a perfect harmony.

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