Bienal is a creative studio dedicated to building brands, generating value, and building links through communication. Bienal was founded in 2006 in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico, with a firm commitment to create an innovative, passionate and transcendent functional, comprehensive work, high quality. Creative Branding + Strategic Communication. [huge_it_slider id="4"]


The law firm of NOTARY 11 of the State of Yucatan, was established by bilingual (Spanish-English) Attorneys-at-Law with the purpose of offering updated, current and professional corporate advisory services to the Mexican and foreign investor. At NOTARY 11, we provide conscientious, organized, and efficient legal services, with a quick turn-around time, and to that effect...


ST Riviera Maya plays a key role in the Riviera Maya real estate market, providing title, escrow and closing services to thousands of clients, from individual property purchasers to real estate developers, brokers and multinational corporations. Available Services Include: Title searches and title insurance Escrow Document Custody Closing coordination and assistance Title corrections and transfer...


The united professional and interior design and decor teams of Wisecracker and Arteuropeo have merged their talents and idiosyncrasies to excel as the design firm for the Petén development. Having over 40 years of combined experience, the professionals of WD+AE are excelling in the demand for quality interior design work for both international and local...

Mario Heredia Arquitectos

  Yucatecan architect Mario Heredia established MH Architects in 2000. His ideas and commitment to quality are reflected in Clinica de Merida (a top Merida hospital), the Hyatt Regency Merida, and other visible projects in the Yucatan. MH Architects have designed and built many homes in the “new” Sisal. The integrity, experience and culture of...