Historical leader of crucial global industry, the fishing village of Sisal is rooted firmly in the Yucatan’s past.

For over 90 years, the port of Sisal was the world’s leader in henequen trade. Henequen became known to the world as “sisal” for being labeled a “Product of Sisal” on its export packaging. The henequen/sisal boom resulted in Merida’s massive wealth that continues to shine in the majestic streets and haciendas today.

The port of Sisal built the state of the Yucatan until 1870, when Benito Juarez ordered the state port to move to Progresso. Stories of ancient times date back to Mayan seafaring days, where Sisal’s port created legendary tales of what appeared to be miracles. Ships would leave the port filled with trade products and return with treasures from around the globe, establishing the basis of Sisal’s tagline: “Where the impossible becomes possible.”

Sisal’s history is accompanied with the Spanish conquest, and of course tales of pirate ships and mystery.

For years it was the heartbeat of the Yucatan, and today it’s rarity and charm is intoxicating.

The depth of culture and heritage is felt from the moment you arrive.

The main street leading to the sea has been preserved, and the charm of light poles and kissing chairs lining the dock sparks magic to its sight.

Home to few, the port of Sisal continues to inspire, and proudly stands the test of time, health, and wealth.